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Learning Khmer, une ancienne langue du Sud-Est asiatique, offre à tous ceux qui le souhaitent des opportunités passionnantes et stimulantes. Si vous parlez déjà un peu khmer et que vous souhaitez progresser encore plus, voyager et effectuer un stage à l’étranger sont des expériences très solidaires pour améliorer votre maîtrise de la langue. Dans cet article, nous explorerons les différentes opportunités de voyage et de stage pour améliorer votre aptitude à parler khmer.

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Traveling to Southeast Asia to perfect your Khmer

Today, it's easier than ever to travel through Southeast Asia. With cheap flights and local agencies that can provide knowledgeable people when you arrive, you can explore nearby countries and gain valuable insight into the Khmer language and culture . gain valuable insights into Khmer language and culture.

Why is travel so important for learning a language?

When you travel to another country, you have a unique opportunity to blend language learning with different forms of authentic cultural engagement. You can also benefit from the expertise and support of your travel guides (which you can usually book online) and take you where you could never find on your own. Traveling also gives you the opportunity to try new things and stimulate your auditory system and short-term memory through amazing conversations with native Khmer people.

The advantages of language stays

Language trips are a great way for learners to immerse themselves deeply in the language and experience a country through the eyes of a native speaker. Local ambassadors offer their services to students to show them their city and teach them Khmer, and a language trip allows you to practice Khmer freely and without funds.

Travel grants are also an excellent option for learners wishing to immerse themselves in Khmer culture. You can be supported financially without having to loosen your purse strings. Many programs also offer scholarships for research, which gives you the opportunity to study Khmers and Khmer culture in the field.

Stay with native Khmers

Nothing allows you to learn a language more effectively than staying with native Khmers. This type of stay allows learners to have direct and personal access to the customs, habits and stories of local people. You will thus live completely in immersion and will be able to share free time with Khmers to develop your ability to speak their language.

Do an internship abroad to improve your Khmer

Doing an internship abroad can also be a great way to improve your Khmer. A work placement is the perfect opportunity for learners to take their knowledge to the next level and become familiar with both the language and the culture.

The benefits of internship abroad

Internships abroad allow learners to improve their language skills and self-confidence. They also offer students the opportunity to gain maturity and learn to collaborate effectively with people in their environment. Not only will interns be in a unique position to learn the Khmer language and culture, but they will also have the unique opportunity to gain some valuable work experience.

What kind of opportunities are available around the world?

There is no limit to what you can learn during an internship abroad. Students can find internships in a wide variety of fields, such as teaching, audiovisual production, journalism, bilateral relations, Khmer cuisine and many more. You can also find international internship programs run by placement agencies around the world.

Learner support programs

There are plenty of options for those who want to learn Khmer. Learners can find immersion-focused programs, accelerated stays, academic seminars, conversation clubs, and other support programs.

Where can I find programs and resources to learn Khmer?

There are a number of organizations and institutes that offer online training and resources for learning Khmer. Students can also find local courses and mentoring programs to develop their skills and learn about Khmer culture, especially for those who want to go abroad. A list of major organizations and programs can be found below:

  • Khmer Learning Institute: Provides learners with access to online resources and lessons, personalized programs, immersion stays, and other student programs.
  • Khmer Scholar's Program: This program offers paid and unpaid internships for students who wish to work abroad in a variety of fields.
  • Global WorldConnect: This organization offers Khmer immersion camps as well as a mentorship program and an academic support program that allows students to work towards their own language goals.
  • ActionKH: This online immersion program offers classes, lessons and cultural activities for students and adults.


Traveling and doing an internship abroad are very effective ways to improve your Khmer. Learning Khmer offers opportunities for discovery and personal growth, and if you have the opportunity to go abroad, you can have more meaningful and meaningful conversations with native Khmers. Finally, there are a number of organizations and programs that can help you learn to speak the language and better understand Khmer culture.


Quelle est la meilleure façon d’apprendre le khmer ?
The best way to learn Khmer is to immerse yourself in Khmer culture and have meaningful conversations with native Khmer people. Language trips, trips and internships abroad are the best ways to immerse yourself in the language and culture, and several organizations offer support programs for students who want to learn Khmer.

Où peut-on trouver des ressources pour apprendre le khmer ?
There are many resources for learning Khmer, such as online lessons, internships, and immersion programs. Students can also seek out local mentoring programs to develop their skills and learn about Khmer culture. There are also organizations and programs dedicated to learning Khmer, such as Khmer Learning Institute, Khmer Scholar's Program, Global WorldConnect and ActionKH.

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