Tips for Pronouncing Khmer

Learning Cambodian is good, but you still need to know how to pronounce Khmer correctly. I, who was born in France, sometimes have trouble pronouncing a few words of Cambodian because I still have my French accent. In this post, I will give you tips on how to pronounce Khmer well.

Tips for Pronouncing Khmer Correctly

When learning a language, there is no secret to pronouncing Khmer well . Do not be disappointed by reading this post but it is so. Here are the tips I can give you: pronouncing khmer. Ne soyez pas déçu en lisant ce billet mais c’est ainsi. Voici les conseils que je peux vous donner:

  • listen to a Khmer friend or the Khmer radio parler un ami khmer ou la radio khmère

"Listening" will familiarize your ear with the Khmer language even if you do not speak the language well yet.

  • watch khmer tv or web videos

We learn with sounds, we listen, we record but being able to visualize the pronunciation on the lips of the person speaking can also help.

  • the combination of the above two tips plus regular repetition will help you pronounce Khmer well
  • know how to roll the “r” a little

You have to make an effort otherwise your interlocutor will not understand you because of your French accent (or elsewhere). Having already taken a little head start on how to learn Khmer , I think that this language is not very difficult to learn. The hardest thing for me is the pronunciation 😀

All the resources to pronounce Khmer well

You will find all the resources you need to learn and pronounce Khmer in this section . I carefully select the resources that I consider useful and practical for my learning of the Khmer language. I also want to share them with you. This is why this section is divided into three subcategories:

  • mobile apps
  • books
  • videos

And you, what are your tips and tricks for pronouncing Khmer well? Share your experience by leaving a comment below. 

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