The best films about Cambodia

Cambodia is a country full of riches and mysteries, with a very turbulent history that is told in several films. Many are inspired by events that occurred during this bloody period. These films show the determination and faith of Cambodians, as well as their courage in the face of hardship. This article is dedicated to the best films about Cambodia and their main qualities to train your ear to learn Khmer .

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Kingdom Of Wonder – The Colours Of Cambodia

“Kingdom of Wonder – The Colors of Cambodia” is a cinematic masterpiece depicting the lives of Cambodians. This movie was directed by Jakob Bargman and produced by Kunuk Entertainment and Halycon Group. It follows two young Cambodians on their journey to discover their culture, their religion and their history. The film gives us a glimpse of the city of Siem Reap and the Cambodian countryside. Bright colors, rhythm and sounds bring life to this great mix of emotions.

Main qualities

This film is both entertaining and informative. It offers us a very realistic image of the living conditions of Cambodians and their culture. The filming scenes are incredible and create a mystical environment.

Weak points

The film tends to focus a little too much on the entertainment aspect and not enough on the educational aspect. In addition, the story is sometimes a bit long and complicated to follow.

Long Lasting Love – A Cambodian Romance

Long Lasting Love – A Cambodian Romance is another film that focuses on Cambodian culture and love. This film was produced by Arclight Films and directed by Cambodian director and Cambodian actor Sam Pass. It tells the story of Sauvanak and Pov, two young Cambodians who find themselves in a turbulent love story. This film exposes the hardships and obstacles that Cambodians face every day.

Main qualities

The film is very captivating and entertaining. The actors are talented and the scenes are beautiful. In addition, the film highlights an exciting dynamic between the two lovers.

Weak points

The movie can be a bit long at times and the ending is a bit predictable at times. Also, some scenes are a little too romantic.

Enemies of the People

Enemies of the People is a documentary directed by Cambodian filmmaker Thet Sambath and British journalist Rob Lemkin. This documentary traces the story of the Cambodian filmmaker and his quest for truth after the death of his parents during the Khmer Rouge reign.

Main qualities

The documentary highlights people and places that have all been affected by the cruel and ruthless Khmer Rouge regime. The revealing interviews are accompanied by powerful images and poignant stories.

Weak points

The film is very well done but the subject is very serious and can be difficult to follow for some who are unaware of this tragic period in Cambodian history.

Finding Home: Cambodia

Finding Home: Cambodia was directed by director John Van Bockel and produced by non-profit organization Roadhouse Ventures. It was created with the aim of raising funds to build houses for underprivileged Cambodian families.

Main qualities

The film places us in the shoes of the people it is intended for. The evocative music and engaging, moving characters bring this poignant story to life.

Weak points

The film is very short and shows little about the country and its culture. This can be a little disappointing for those who expected more depth.

The Cliches List

The List of Cliches was produced and directed by Cambodian filmmakers Kavich Neang and Anida Yoeu Ali. This film takes us into the colorful and unique world of Phnom Penh, and teaches us more about the Cambodian people, their customs and their superstitions.

Main qualities

The film offers a strange but beautiful experience, with bright colors and a catchy soundtrack. The characters are easy to relate to and their story is very interesting.

Weak points

Le film est très court et peut être un peu difficile à suivre. De plus, certaines scènes peuvent être très peu crédibles pour certains.

A Land Imagined

A Land Imagined is an adventure mystery film directed by Singaporean director Woo-Ping Yuen. It immerses us in the depths of the Cambodian judicial system and offers us a very interesting experience.

Main qualities

The film is very well made and offers an immersive experience with subtle scenes and intriguing characters. Moreover, the story is very intriguing and will keep you hooked until the end.

Weak points

Some people may find the characters and their healing story too dark or depressing. Also, the film doesn't have many ties to Cambodian culture.


Films about Cambodia provide a rich cinematic experience that reflects the bloody history and passionate culture of this country. Many people portray the courage and determination of Cambodians in the face of hardship. These films are entertaining and educational, and help introduce others to the wonders of Cambodians.


What is the best movie about Cambodia? There is no best film about Cambodia, as all films offer a unique experience. We advise you to watch several films in order to find which one you like the most. Are there any films about the Cambodian war? Yes, there are several films about the Cambodian war. For example, “Enemies of the People” and “Finding Home: Cambodia”. Are there any films that show the importance of Cambodian culture? Yes, there are several films that highlight Cambodian culture and tradition. Among the best known are “Kingdom of Wonder – The Colors of Cambodia” and “Long Lasting Love – A Cambodian Romance”.

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