Say thank you in Cambodian

Saying thank you in Cambodian is not difficult. You will use thank you in Khmer to express your gratitude to Cambodians.

How to say thank you in Cambodian?

Khmer, a mono-Khmer language spoken in Cambodia, Vietnam, Laos, Thailand and a number of other countries by approximately 8 million people.

This article provides all the possible translations of the word "thank you" in the Khmer language, very useful when you want to learn Cambodian . learning cambodian.

There is “ar kun” or Ar-k oon or “orkun” or “orkurn” or âu kŭn or “awkon”. Several sites spell it different ways , but the one that seems best to me is "Orkun". Want to know how to say thank you in Cambodian? It's done 🙂

For "thank you very much" you can say "Orkurn chran".

And say “no thank you” in Khmer?

Saying "thank you" is an expression of gratitude or politeness , in response to something done or given. It can also be interesting and useful to know how to say “ no thank you ” in Cambodian. expression de gratitude ou de politesse, en réponse à quelque chose fait ou donné. Il peut être également intéressant et utile de savoir dire « non merci » en cambodgien.

By learning to say "no thank you" in Khmer, you will be able to politely express your lack of intention to buy anything during your shopping, or at the market.

You can simply say “ort te, or kun” (ort-TAY or-KUN) which literally means “no, thank you”.

Although many Cambodians (especially younger ones) speak quite good English, knowing a few Khmer phrases will warm locals' hearts and bring a few smiles – and even better business 😉

Read thank you in Cambodian

Although we don't know how to read Khmer, I still put the writing in Khmer of the word "thank you" that you can see in official papers, at the airport, in newspapers or on websites.


Pronounce “thank you” in Cambodian

Rather than words, here is a video where this Frenchman pronounces "thank you" rather not badly in Khmer