Throwback to my trip to Cambodia

Do you remember us in this post to learn Khmer I had decided to give myself 3 months of learning to know a minimum of speaking.

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3 months of learning is not enough with a rhythm of 2 hours of lessons per week only. Once there in Cambodia, I had so little time for myself…

I spent more time visiting than wanting to converse with Cambodians. Ah yes, because I am a foreigner, so you have to go find them to have a discussion… They will rarely come to me on their own. Then in general, the people who try to make me the discussion, it is only for the trade. Taxi, Tuk-tuk, merchant or restaurateur.

If I knew how to line up several words, several sentences, I would tell them who I am, and why I came to visit Cambodia.

I could have told them in which country I live, and what are the major cultural differences between France and Cambodia.

I could have told them why I was born in France and why I still can't speak Khmer.

As I didn't take the time to talk to the Cambodians, I nevertheless took care to listen to a few expatriates.

They told me that learning Khmer is really not easy to do . The alphabet is complicated. It's not like Indonesian which has a Latin type alphabet, you can quickly learn to read, write and speak Indonesian but not Cambodian.

I understand their concern at the idea of ​​wanting to learn Cambodian, but you still have to have the budget to pay for a teacher.

Thanks to this exchange, I understood that there is a real demand . There is a need for people like them and me to want to learn Khmer, but we don't necessarily have a lot of resources to do so. réelle demande. Il y a bien un besoin pour des personnes comme elles et moi de vouloir apprendre le khmer mais nous ne disposons pas forcément de beaucoup de ressources pour le faire.

So what am I left to do? Learn and share with you what I learned. 🙂

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