“Easy Cambodian” to learn Khmer

There are many different ways to learn Khmer. I discovered an application that you might like and of which I would like to share my experience. Here is my review of The Easy Cambodian app .

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The content of The Easy Cambodian app

For a choice of first application to learn Khmer , I must say that this one is quite interesting for those who want to learn alone at their own pace.

1/This easy Cambodian application consists of the following elements

  • We have Cambodian phrases in Cambodian phonetics and writing en phonétique et écriture cambodgienne
  • We have the sound, when reading these are words spoken by a Cambodian woman of origin
  • There are quizzes
  • You can save your favorite phrases and words there , to find them easily

2/The Easy Cambodian app includes a travel theme

  • Direction sentences
  • Accommodation
  • Eat
  • Go shopping
  • Emergency
  • Time and date
  • Tourism
  • Country
  • Across the border
  • Colors
  • Places
  • Food
  • Fruits
  • Vegetables
  • Advanced chat
  • Health

3/The Easy Cambodian application includes a theme on expatriation

I haven't tried it but if you plan to move to Cambodia this theme should help you learn words specific to this theme

The easy Cambodian application test

I am still at the beginning of learning the Khmer language but for the moment I find the easy Cambodian application quite complete.

In the free version, there are over 400 phrases and words in Cambodian. I like the audio quality and being able to play the sound more softly, the quiz and being able to save favorite phrases and words (useful when traveling).

The free version is not bad for a beginner, in the pro version there are more categories. In the pro version for €6.99 you have access to more than 1000 sentences and all the quizzes + study all the sentences unlimited without advertising.

The Easy Cambodian application in screenshots

Application Le Cambodgien facile
Application Le Cambodgien facile
Application Le Cambodgien facile
Application Le Cambodgien facile
Application Le Cambodgien facile


I who thought I could speak Khmer in just three months , I think that with the Easy Cambodian app , I will take a little longer to learn. For what ? Because I have to memorize visually and by ear. I will learn step by step with the themes and it will go well 🙂

Available for download on Google Play and iTunes

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