Learn Khmer: The best books and apps to help you

Khmer is a language spoken in South Asia by approximately 16 million people. It's a complete and rich language, and if you want to master it, there are books and apps to help you on your way. This guide will help you choose, so let's continue.

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Books to learn Khmer

There are several books that help you learn Khmer . They have exercises and flashcards for you to put what you learn into practice. Using books is a great way to familiarize yourself with the grammar and structure of the language in general. Books are also cheaper and easier to transport than other educational tools.

The book “Khmer for beginners”

This book is an excellent starting point for learning Khmer. It has practical lessons, which are supplemented with exercises. It also contains detailed grammar information and a section devoted entirely to word usage.

The book “Khmer: The basics of Khmer”

This book is perfect for beginners who really want to master their new language. It has clear, easy-to-follow lessons as well as a lexicon and visual aids to help you better understand the Khmer world.

The book “The Magic of Khmer”

This is a perfect book for intermediate level students who want to improve their skills. There is detailed information on Khmer grammar and exercises to help you apply your knowledge. Plus, this book has extra notes on Khmer culture and fun info on idioms and puns.

Apps to learn Khmer

Apps are a great option for those who want to learn Khmer. There are apps for all levels of learning, from basic to full fluency. Apps are also convenient because you can use them anywhere and anytime and they usually offer interactive features.

L’application « Khmer Language Fun »

This app is great for beginners, it has interactive games and quizzes that help you learn the language without feeling overwhelmed. You can also listen and practice your pronunciation with audio recordings.

L’application « Learn Khmer »

This application has more than 3000 Khmer words and phrases that you can listen and learn. There are practical lessons to help you learn to read, write and speak and tests to help you find out what you have learned.

« Khmer Learning » application

This free application is ideal for students who want to progress quickly. There are interactive lessons and daily challenges to help you improve your skills. You can also track your progress on the dashboard.

The “Khmer Pronunciation Trainer” app

This app is perfect for those who want to improve their Khmer pronunciation. It contains audio recordings of words and phrases, as well as tests and exercises to help you achieve your goals.

The best websites to learn Khmer

There are many websites designed to help you learn Khmer online. Websites are handy because they offer a variety of tools and interactive resources to help you improve your skills. These sites typically provide courses, lessons, and exercises to help you consolidate what you've learned.

The “Khmer Online” website

This website is perfect for beginners. It contains detailed information on the variety of Khmer words and grammar and practical lessons to help you improve your skills. There are also active forums where you can chat with other students and share advice and information.

The “Khmer Learning” website

This website is a comprehensive resource for those wishing to learn Khmer. There are structured courses for beginners and masters. There are also interactive lessons and conversation tools to help you quickly improve your skills.

The website “The Online Khmer Tutor”

This website is designed for those who really want to master the Khmer language. There are interactive exercises to help you understand the grammar and a special section dedicated to learning Khmer pronunciation. There are also games to have fun and help you memorize the language better.

The best way to use the tools to learn Khmer

There are some tips and tricks you can follow to help you learn Khmer. The first thing to do is find a handy tool (regardless of the book or app). Then, set goals for yourself and create a realistic study schedule to make sure you take the time to soak up the language. Another good idea is to look for additional resources such as Khmer language films, videos and books to keep you entertained and to help you feel comfortable with the language. Eventually find someone you can chat with to check on your progress and learn how to use it in real conversations.


Learning Khmer can be daunting at first, but you'll find the process easier with the right tools. Sharing ideas and talking about things you are passionate about are the best ways to progress. So it's important to find books, apps, and websites that will help you improve your skills.


What is the best book to learn Khmer?
The best book to learn Khmer is “Khmer: The Basics of Khmer”. It's perfect for beginners and offers clear, easy-to-follow lessons, a dedicated section on word usage, and detailed information on Khmer grammar.

What is the best website to learn Khmer?
The best website to learn Khmer is “Khmer Learning”. It contains structured courses for beginners and masters, interactive lessons and conversation tools to help you improve your skills quickly.

What is the best tool to learn Khmer?
The best tool for learning Khmer will depend on your needs and learning level. Books offer flashcards and in-depth grammar information, while apps and websites offer interactive lessons and tools for conversation. Choose the one which suits you best.

Learning Khmer is a great challenge, but it's also very rewarding. With the right resources and good study technique, you will soon be able to communicate in Khmer. Use the books, apps, and websites listed here for the best result.

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