Daily Khmer to learn Khmer

Everyday Khmer is the first book I bought to learn Khmer. I was then very motivated at the start and proud to have bought this book. I share my opinion with you

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The contents of the Khmer book on a daily basis Khmer au quotidien

This book is written by Jean-Michel Filippi. It includes a lexicon and an audio CD to help in learning Khmer.

The Daily Khmer Book Test Khmer au quotidien

I had started using the book to learn Cambodian . Although it has an extra audio CD, I quickly gave up learning Khmer. For what ? I lacked motivation!

I still have the book but I switched to another method which I will tell you about later (a little more expensive). Also, the book's writing, pages, and cover aren't "vivid enough" colors. It's also a story of taste and feeling with the book 🙂


According to the comment, this book to learn the Khmer language is not bad. For my part, I no longer use it at the moment because I am testing new methods as you can see with the videos and mobile apps . then more to come. Learning via "Khmer everyday" is a little more traditional with a book and the audio CD .

Attention I never said that this book is zero, what I mean is that you have to find your tools with which you feel best to work . If you're not a fan of mobile apps or videos, then this book should satisfy you.

Available on amazon: Daily Khmer (1CD audio) Khmer au quotidien (1CD audio)khmer au quotidien

And you, what other books do you use to learn Cambodian?

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