Count in Khmer with the basics without the fuss

Counting in Khmer is a very useful thing in Cambodia. In Khmer , figures and numbers also count in any learning of the Khmer language . You will need to know the numbers in Cambodian especially if you plan to move to Cambodia.

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Learn to count in Khmer

I don't really have a method for learning to count in Khmer. I just work by logic.

I first learn the numbers from 0 to 9, then I learn the numbers by tens and a few hundreds and thousands. I think it's already not bad and even enough to get by in a conversation with a Cambodian because I can't see myself learning big numbers like "12,023" or "489,764" -_-

0: soun
1: muoy
2: pir
3: bei
4: buon
5: bram
6: bram muoy
7: bram pir
8: bram bei
9: bram buon

10: dob
11: dob muoy
12: dob pir
13: dob bei
14: dob buon
15: dob bram
16: dob bram muoy
17: dob bram pir
18: dob bram bei
19: dob bram buon

20: mphei
21: mphei muoy
22: mphei pir
23: mphei bei
24: mphei buon
25: mphei bram
26: mphei bram muoy
27: mphei bram pir
28: mphei bram bei
29: mphei bram buon

30: samseb
40: seseb
50: haseb
60: hokseb
70: chetseb
80: betseb
90: kawseb
100: muoy roy
1 000: muoy pean
10 000: muoy meun
100 000: muoy sen
1 000 000: muoy lean

Learn to pronounce digits and numbers

There is no miracle cure to know how to pronounce the numbers well, you have to repeat and repeat 🙂

Here are two links you can check out to hear the pronunciation of digits and numbers in Khmer. It is true that by reading the translation in Cambodian above one cannot know if one pronounces well.

For the list of numbers of the first part you will find the pronunciation in this link , once the application is installed you click on the button "NUMBERS 123". You will see that it is easy to learn these numbers. 🙂

More information about numbers in Khmer here .

And you, so how do you learn to count Khmer?

Choose your Khmer teacher

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