Khmer alphabet

An important difference is that Khmer is not tonal. In tonal languages, such as Thai, Lao, and Vietnamese, the same sound has one meaning when spoken in a high tone, and a different meaning when spoken in a low tone. What about the Khmer alphabet to learn Cambodian ? learning cambodian ?

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Khmer script

Modern Khmer script can take two forms: an "oblique script", used for handwriting and most printed texts, and a "round script", used for headings, titles, some religious texts and other cases where certain words or phrases should be emphasized.

The Khmer script begins at the top left of the page and continues down and to the right . Cambodian writing does not use spaces between individual words ; instead, spaces are used to indicate the end of sentences.

The Khmer alphabet

Vowel placement in written Khmer can be confusing at first; vowels may follow or precede consonants, or they may go above or below , or a combination of before, after, above, or below . The placement of each vowel can be seen in the chart showing the 23 vowels .

Khmer also includes 12 " independent vowels ", which can exist without a preceding or following consonant. Independent vowels can be used as monosyllabic words or as the initial syllables of longer words. Khmer words never begin with regular vowels; they may, however, begin with independent vowels .

Local community groups can be a great way to find native speakers willing to help you with Khmer conversations. Many organizations have programs where native volunteers are happy to teach Khmer to other people. If you live near Cambodian areas, join study or clubs at school and find friends to discuss Khmer. You can also choose to attend community events and conferences to meet native speakers. Khmer numerals are also different, although Arabic numerals are being used more and more frequently. There are also unique marks for Khmer punctuation , but modern Cambodian writing also incorporates several punctuation marks derived from Western typography.

Ready to learn Khmer ?

Read, write and pronounce the letters of the Khmer alphabet

Khmer contains consonants and vowels. Below are the letters, pronunciation and sound. In this table you will know how to pronounce the letters correctly, there are English words to help you. Source:

like cat
like Khmer
like cold
like khota
like bang
like chat
like charm
like chop
like chowder
like ganho
like dark
like that
like door
like though
like night
like task
like that
like torsh
like though
like north
like bath
like fast
like poll
like food
like moth
like yolk
like raw
like lock
like vault
like sharp
like esso
like sand
like heart
like loud
like qawqaw
like hat
like cat
like pet
like bye
like top
like put
like tool
like road
like rude
like low
like loud
like me
like tie
ឱ, ឲ[aô, aôy]
like how
like vow

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