Hello dear reader, you are not on this page by chance. Would you like to learn Khmer or find out more about this site? Well, I'm going to give you some below.

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Why this site?

The first reason is that, if you look on the Internet, there aren't many French-language sites where you can learn the basics of Khmer.

The second reason is that at the time of writing this page, I hardly know how to speak Khmer, in other words, I only speak a few words. I'm ashamed of that, I confess. I was brought up with my "false" mother tongue, Lao, because my mother spoke Laotian to me from childhood until now. I specify "false" because my real mother tongue is in fact French. I know how to read, write and speak French.

In Khmer (my father's language), I'd say I have no level, I'm still a beginner and I mostly want to learn. The problem is that I don't have a budget for paid training.

The third reason is simple: I want to learn, I don't have much money and there's no recent Cambodian language learning site, so I decided to create this site. On the one hand, I'd like to keep a record of all the steps I've taken to learn the language, and who knows, even my tricks of the trade - for me, it's my evening classes. And for you, I hope this site will help you with your learning.

There's just one caveat: I'm not a language teacher, and I in no way claim to be a teacher of Khmer. So I'm offering you the chance to learn Khmer with me, to follow me step by step as I take the first steps towards learning the Cambodian language. What do you think? I know we don't know each other, so here are a few lines so you can find out more about me.

Who am I?

Je m’appelle Rattana, d’origine laotienne et cambodgienne, née en France, j’ai la chance de connaître trois cultures. J’adore voyager, manger, la musique et internet. Pour rien vous cacher j’édite plusieurs sites, en d’autres termes, je m’occupe de plusieurs sites car j’adore ça, j’apprends tous les jours d’internet.

Je parle l’anglais, l’espagnol, l’italien, le français le lao et le khmer. Ce n’est pas vrai, en réalité ce sont les langues que j’ai apprises durant mes études (avec un niveau médiocre) sauf pour le lao et le khmer que je ne parle vraiment pas (pas encore).

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