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If you want to learn Cambodian you are definitely in the right place. This blog provides you with useful resources to learn Khmer on your own. We don't give lessons here, but I hope you will find methods and advice to advance in your learning.

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Learning is good, with natives it's better. Learn khmer with a native Learn Khmer with a native speaker.

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Ceux-ci parlent français, pour réserver votre cours de khmer c’est par here.

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Is Khmer (or Cambodian) a language?

The Khmer language , also called Cambodian , Monokhmer language, is spoken by the majority of the population of Cambodia, where it is the official language , and by approximately 1.3 million people in southeastern Thailand, as well as by over one million people in southern Vietnam. Khmer language, also known as khmeris spoken by the majority of the population of Cambodia, where it is the most widely spoken language. official languageand by around 1.3 million people in south-eastern Thailand, as well as by over a million people in southern Vietnam.

The language has been written since the early 7th century using a script that originated in South India. The language used in the ancient Khmer Empire and in Angkor, its capital, was Old Khmer , which is a direct ancestor of Modern Khmer . Several hundred monumental inscriptions found in Cambodia, southern Vietnam, and parts of Thailand, dating from the 7th to the 15th century, attest to the widespread use and prestige of this language . early 7th century using a script that originated in southern India. The language used in the ancient Khmer empire and in Angkor, its capital, was old khmera direct ancestor of the modern khmer. Plusieurs centaines d’inscriptions monumentales trouvées au Cambodge, dans le sud du Vietnam et dans certaines parties de la Thaïlande, datant du 7e au 15e siècle, attestent de l’usage répandu et du prestige of this language.

It exerted a lasting influence on the languages ​​of the region, as evidenced by the large number of loanwords from Khmer found in Thai , Lao , Kuay , Stieng , Samre , Cham , etc. Khmer has in turn borrowed liberally from Sanskrit and Pāli , especially for philosophical, administrative and technical vocabulary. thai, lao, kuay, stieng, samre, cham, etc. Khmer in turn borrowed liberally sanskrit to pāliThis is particularly true for philosophical, administrative and technical vocabulary.

Is it difficult to learn Cambodian ?

The grammar

The grammar is the easiest , even if we put verb in adjective, and stuff the other way around. Sentence structure is the easiest, you can almost say or write something out of order and it still sounds good .

The letters of the Khmer alphabet

Letters are more difficult, but not that much. There are 33 letters. So you learn to write the letters and each of their vowels. (33 characters) then you write the vowel which is separated into two groups. One is the vowel to add with the letters and the other which is an independent vowel , they are just a character like the letters, they are called vowels, they have their own sound.

Cambodian Vocabulary

The hardest thing even for some natives is vocabulary. There is Khmer vocabulary and that of Bali and Sanskrit , but everything is written in Khmer, we also have different ways of saying something, for example "to eat" has about ten synonyms . And sometimes we have to pronounce the letters differently .

Khmer pronunciation

Cambodian pronunciation is also a problem. Don't ask me why.

Anyway a word of advice, come to Cambodia if you can, people will help you talk more and learn faster 🙂

How is Khmer written?

Khmer is written from left to right . The words of the same sentence or the same expression are generally joined without space between them. Consonant clusters in a word are "stacked", with the second (and sometimes third) consonant written in reduced form below the main consonant.

How to say hello in Khmer?

Cambodians traditionally greet each other with palms together, as a form of prayer. They raise their hands to chest level and bow slightly. This is called the Som Pas . In general, the higher the hands and the lower the tilt, the more respect is shown.

During a meeting, Cambodians do the Som Pas and say “ Choum Reap Sur ” (Hello). When they leave, they use the Som Pas and say “ Choum Reap Lir ” (goodbye). Cambodians use the Som Pas to greet and show respect . When used in greeting, it would be rude not to return a Som Pas; it is equivalent to rejecting an offered handshake in Western culture.

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